The Challenge

When a user wants to find a cheap deal to go abroad and to know so basic details about the place,
which he want to fly to, he need to go through tons of information from places online
that sometimes is not so relevant.
In addition, most of the apps that where form the same field (travel and truism)
that he was going through where a bit messy and a bit difficult to understand.


The Concept

Cheap traveling apps that includes a flight and sleeping arrangements.
The app offers the user places that might come in an interest.
There is an option in the app to choose which kind of trip the user
is looking for- romantic, family etc.

In addition, the user has all the information about the place, which he plans to travel to,
such as: weather, description of the location, to whom the location is most likely to be suitable to etc.

To each user there is a favorite, which he can save the trip and make a "wish list" of the destination
that he would like to go to. In relation to the interface and design,
it's important to keep it as clean as possible and without any unwanted details.
Only the details that the user needs.

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